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Studio groenling is a multi-disciplinary one woman studio situated in Middelburg, the Netherlands, with projects ranging from graphic & product design to illustration, curation and inspiration. Always striving for a healthy balance between working with clients, developing my own projects and collaborating with other creatives.

Because I work internationally, the website is now available in both Dutch and English (in menu). Work will be focused less on graphic design and more on curation and inspiration. I will however continue to happily take on client work for product and book design.

What’s in a name? ‘Groenling’ is Dutch for ‘Green finch’ (the bird), it also translates literally into ‘greenling’: a person with a green lifestyle. My partner and I came up with the name because we wanted to work more in the green field. We also co-designed the logo.


Some clients have been with us since 1996! A few clients we’ve worked with so far (in no particular order):
Bazalt, RPCZ, Loontjens Biljarts, Cheqio, Molinari Cues, Anda van Riet Fotografie, Forum Fotografie, De Gaaij architectuur, Stichting Het Zeeuwse Landschap, Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, Nicoline van Boven Juweelontwerpster, TwoTrees Jewelry & Art, Trinakria, Joke Apner art, FrankrijkNoord B&B and many others…

Yvonne de Jonge is the person behind studio groenling. Working independently in the broad field of graphic design since 1996, I’ve also been blogging and making non-commissioned illustrated products since 2011.

From 2013-2015 studio groenling was a partnership, which reverted back to a one person business in January 2016. Always bouncing ideas off each other, we’ll still collaborate from time to time.

Both 2015 and 2016 saw a shift in focus from mainly graphic design, to a broader approach which includes professional blogging and curation.

Personal projects

In 2015 I started visual strandsan online lifestyle zine focussing on inspiration – featuring and connecting inspiring people in art, design, illustration, photography, urban green, the great outdoors and more. Many talented creatives have contributed since. It even got nominated for a VT Wonen Meet The Blogger award after just six months. Visit the website:

In 2011 I started blogging (until 2015) and making non-commissioned illustrated work under the pseudonym Mouseblossom from which flowed connections with amazing creatives from all over the world – some even became dear friends.

Mouseblossom illustrated and handmade goods are available online at Etsy (now under the name studio groenling) and Society6.


Studio groenling is situated in the historic town of Middelburg – in the beautiful coastal province of Zeeland, the Netherlands. Working internationally, it’s not always possible to meet up in person, but then digital is always an option. Just use the email form below to contact me and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Services I don’t offer

Just added these in case you were wondering… I have offered some of these services in the past, but stopped doing so because they were just not a good fit for me.



More time and effort goes into the design, development and support for these sites than clients are initially aware of. There are always extra things to consider, especially after a site goes live. There is still a lot of demand, but for me the value of good design and support is just not in accordance to the price anymore… I’ve stopped offering websites to clients full-stop.


‘Just a logo’

Designing and developing logos and branding takes time, effort and thought to ensure a perfect fit for a company. I don’t sell ‘stock’ and ‘customizable’ logos or branding, I do not ‘construct’ logos from sketches by clients and I do not enter competitions – not even when I’m invited.


Wedding and portrait photography

There are excellent photographers in that field and it is just not my passion.


Working for free

I’m always willing to offer advice, in fact it’s one of the more enjoyable things I do, but I won’t give away expertise for free. No one should.
I do however believe I can help out, whatever the size of your budget. Just email me and let’s discuss the possibilities.