Hi there. 

Yes, that’s me standing in front of some leaves. My name is Yvonne de Jonge, I work and live in the historic city of Middelburg in the Netherlands with my husband and our two cats.

1996 was the year I started working as a self-imployed graphic designer, gradually adding illustration, photography, consultation, translation (NL-EN, EN-NL) and copywriting.

Always having been passionate about art, illustration, plants, vintage and sustainable living, it was about time I implemented all of those things in my life and my work.

Studio groenling is now my happy place, where I mostly focus on my own art and vintage and sometimes still do commissioned work. I also love collaborating. If you have any questions, ideas or requests, please feel free to get in touch.

Personal projects: In early 2011 I started blogging, making and drawing whenever I could find the time, back then using the alias Mouseblossom. Yes, I was on Etsy too. | In 2015 I also founded visualstrands.com; an online lifestyle zine featuring & connecting inspiring people in art, design, illustration, photography, urban green, the great outdoors & more.

Details & Contact

Company details

Yvonne de Jonge is the owner of studio groenling, KvK (Dutch chamber of commerce): 80117090, btw-id (VAT id): NL003397152B08.


Noordweg 458
4333 KM  Middelburg,
The Netherlands


von @ studiogroenling . nl
or DM me on Instagram @ studiogroenling.
I’d love to hear from you!